Mission Statement
The Orange County Re-Entry Partnership will serve as a critical link between community resource providers and the formerly incarcerated striving to re-establish healthy, productive and rewarding lives.

Advisory Board Statement of Purpose
The purposes for which this Advisory Committee is organized are as follows:

1. To provide a forum for the collection and expression of opinions and recommendations on matters relating to successful community re-entry;

2. To promote and sustain awareness among the general public, government agencies, and providers of local re-entry services and programs;

3. To encourage the collaboration of government, local, and faith based providers in the delivery of services to the re-entry population;

4. To inquire into matters of community interest relating to incarceration, community supervision, and re-entry and to bring matters of interest to the attention of the public by:
   a. promoting re-entry opportunities and enhancement of re-entry resources,
   b. promoting education and public presentations on incarceration, community supervision, treatment, and resources,
   c. promoting public awareness of impacts on service providers, communities, and families, and
   d. assisting community stakeholders and promoting collaborative partnerships between government, local, community and faith-based organizations.